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Meet the Team


Leah Jirsa, LMT (left)Becky West, LMT (right) 


Becky West, LMT

Owner, Director of Education, Educator

License: MA00019888


Leah Jirsa, LMT

Assistant Director of Education, Social Media Queen

License: MA00009153


    Becky West, LMT has a dream to recreate the inspirational massage schools that helped form her career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

    While there is no way to duplicate Brian Utting School of Massage or Brenneke, there is a way to capture the heart and soul of massage therapy training.

    West by Northwest School of Massage (WNWSM) is focused on quality education, building solid foundations in new LMT's and encouraging growth for all bodyworkers.

    Becky has primarily practiced injury treatment and spa work since 2004 and currently teaches full time.


   Since 1996, Leah Jirsa has been practicing massage in WA state. She has extensive knowledge in treatment, spa and mobile massage and is a proud Brenneke Alumni.

   Currently, she owns her own practice and has a loving, supportive family in Snohomish County.

   Her passion for bodywork has led her to teaching.  With uplifting support, active listening and kindness she will help students in the journey to become the best version of an L.M.T. they can be.

Wendy Heiman, LMT

Private Practice

License: MA00008689

Wendy Heiman has been practicing massage therapy and energy-based bodywork since 1997.  Soon after graduating from massage school, Wendy began her study of the Chakra system through a mentorship program. The deep dive into the Chakra system motivated Wendy to learn even more, and she became a Reiki Master in 2008.  Wendy has a large appetite for learning and loves exploring new ideas and techniques.  She brings this expanding knowledge and deep wisdom into each session with her clients. Wendy is eager to share these effective techniques and loves helping others gain access and understanding of energy and how to work with it in the body. In her free time Wendy loves being outside in nature, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.

Wendy teaches Introduction to Energy and Reiki workshops at WNWSM and in her private practice.

Hajera is a graduate from WNWSM Massage school and Soaring crane Massage and Acupuncture.  

Her teaching style is influenced by yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as energetic & alternative modalities, Shamanic Clearing and Reiki.  


She has been practicing Thai Bodywork for almost a decade.

Hajera teaches Introduction to Thai Massage and Yoga at WNWSM and in her private practice.


Her website is


Hajera Ahmed, LMT

Embody Shen Yoga Bodywork

License: MA61351011

NMcGill Headshot.jpg


Klose Education and Private Practice
CO MT.0001808

Nicola McGill, LLSA, LMT, NCTMB, CLT-LANA, has over 25 years of
experience in the field of massage and bodywork both in the U.S. and the
United Kingdom. She is a graduate of the London School of Aromatherapy
and received diplomas in Reflex Touch and Manual Lymphatic Drainage in

Professional Practice at Anglia Polytechnic University, U.K.

In her clinical practice, Nicola utilizes her bodywork skills as an aromatherapist, massage
therapist, and MLD practitioner to treat a wide range of medical conditions, both chronic and
acute, including conditions related to the respiratory, digestive, muscular-skeletal, nervous, and
reproductive systems. She also provides individual aromatherapy consultations for clients
requiring customized blends for skin care and general health-promoting practices.

Nickole Thornton Gonzales is the founder of NW Ayurveda in Seattle, Washington. Nickole is a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner for twenty-one years, Certified Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Ritual Facilitator.  


She travels to various Yoga, Ayurvedic, and Massage centers across the United States, Mexico, and Bahamas providing Lectures, Workshops, Retreats, Consultations, and Panchakarma.

She teaches Champi Head Massage at WNWSM and in her private space.

IMGP3191 (2)_edited.jpg

Nickole Gonzales, LMT

NW Ayurveda

License: MA60002613 

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