Owner, Director of Education

Becky West has a dream to recreate the inspirational massage schools that helped form her career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

While there is no way to duplicate Brian Utting School of Massage or Brenneke, there is a way to capture the heart and soul of massage therapy training. West by Northwest School of Massage (WNWSM) is focused on quality education, not the speed of graduation!

Becky's goal is to train confident massage therapists who have a leg up on others due to the extensive training they receive at WNWSM.  

Becky has primarily practiced injury treatment and spa work since 2004. 



Assistant Director of Education

Since 1996, Leah Jirsa has been practicing massage in WA state. She has extensive knowledge in treatment, spa and mobile massage.

Currently, she owns her own practice and has a loving, supportive family in Snohomish County.

Her passion for bodywork has led her to teaching.  With uplifting support, active listening and beyond kindness she will help you in the journey in becoming the best version of an L.M.T. you can be.