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760 Hour Hybrid Transfer Program

West by NorthWest School of Massage offers an exclusive Transfer Program for those who wish to become Licensed Massage Therapists in Washington state. This program is designed to help individuals who have started a massage program, become licensed in another state, or wish to transfer credits from another healthcare field.


Contact us to learn more about this program and it can help you your goals!  Each program is tailored to the student's pace and is taught in person, as well as online (self-study).

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License by Endorsement

If you are licensed massage therapist in a regulated state that requires a minimum of 625 hours of education and have met all WA state Board of Massage requirements, you may be eligible for a License by Endorsement. The administrators at WNWSM will evaluate your transcripts to determine if this is the best fit for you.


This step is necessary for anyone who wishes to transfer their active massage license to Washington State.

Male Student

Transfer Student Level 1

The Level 1 Transfer Program is designed to help massage therapy graduates who have not met the credit requirements set by Washington State. Our program will evaluate your transcripts, fulfill your missing hours in each category, and send your Completion Form to the Department of Health for licensure. Contact us today to learn more about how can help you achieve goals.

College Students

Transfer Program Level 2

Are you looking to transfer your massage therapy education credits? Our Level 2 Transfer Program can help you complete your training.


If you have at least one quarter of massage therapy education in a state that regulates massage, you may be eligible to transfer into an existing class. Contact us to learn more."

Which program is right for me?

Use our Transfer Student chart to compare your existing credits/licensure to WA State standards.  WNWSM has a program that is right for you and you can start immediately!

Each student will have a unique program and schedule that fits their needs.

When you are ready to begin, fill out an Application Form and we will get ahold of you within 24 hours.

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