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Dual Licensure

Becoming dual licensed is a great opportunity to work with a larger variety of clients and grow your practice.  If you currently have a medical science based degree, license or certificate, you may qualify for our Transfer Hybrid Programs to add Licensed Massage Therapist to your title!

Elevate your Bodywork

Explore bodywork with your current license!


Adding massage to your practice can be rewarding for both you and your client/patient. 


West by Northwest School of Massage offers two Transfer Programs in which you can receive credit for previous science classes.  Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Kinesiology credits will be awarded on an individual basis.

Learn Swedish based massage, Therapeutic massage and Injury treatment modules  with your peers.  Get additional hours of hands on training with optional CE classes.  Put your skills to work during Student Massage Clinic and create a business plan with your new found modalities.

Choose to attend the 760 hour Hybrid Evening Program or the 915 hour Hybrid Day Program two days per week.  Days and times can be discussed in person or on a Zoom call.

Want more information?  Contact us for details.

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