Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology

WNWSM curriculum is designed to teach all aspects of human function to create a well rounded Massage Therapist. Washington State requires 500 hours of education.  WNWSM expands on each core grouping of requirements to help you adapt to your clients needs with experience and knowledge.

We begin by teaching a solid foundation of Anatomy and Physiology.  Some of you may have experience in Human Science, this will enhance what you already know.  For those that have never touched an A&P book, this is designed to teach you from a broad view to a detailed description of all aspects of our amazing bodies.  The more you understand, the better the therapist you will become! 

We incorporate a vast hands-on approach to Kinesiology. 

You will massage around 500 hours in and out of class in just 9 months!

760 hour Evening Program

Our 760 hour Evening program is targeted towards those with full time responsibilities that cannot attend our extended program.

You will learn the same body science curriculum as the 915 hour program, with exception to our Eastern modalities and elective classes.

We meet Monday-Thursday from 6-10 PM with at least one weekend (day) class.

915 hour Day Program


Our 915 hour Licensed Massage Therapy program is held Tuesday-Thursday each week with the exception of recognized holidays.

We meet from 9 AM- 3 PM, with occasional weekend elective classes.


Our Student Clinic is held the last 6 weeks of each program.  


Anatomy and Physiology

We are all made up of cells that interact with each other in a variety of ways.  Get to know the human body, inside and out!


Each body is built the same.  Or is it?  Learn how to understand how your clients mobility can be positively effected by your massage.


Learn common and frequent body illnesses that impact your massage sessions.  Keeping yourself, and your client, safe.

Massage Modality

Extensive hands-on work with Swedish, Therapeutic, Western and Eastern Integrative modalities.  

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