Continuing Education

Classes are intended to meet Washington State Department of Health regulations for Licensed Massage Therapists.  

Twenty-four hours of continuing education is due every two years on or before the practitioner’s birthday.

Requirements are outlined in WAC 246-830-475.

A minimum of eight hours must be direct massage skills training and a minimum of four hours must be in professional ethics, communication and/or Washington State massage laws and regulations.

Two of these hours must include professional roles and boundaries.

CHABA and Ethics for Massage Therapists

Learn about the legal use of CHABA in our practices and Ethical dilemmas we may face

when educating our clients on the use of this topical pain relief.  This class is not intended to sway your

opinion on the use of Topicals.  It is to simply inform you so you may educate your clients. 

This is an Ethics class to qualify towards your Ethics requirements for state licensure.

Please register online. 

4 CE's. $100  


Learn theory, anatomy and application techniques for foot reflexology.  Great to add into your existing massage 

sessions!  6 CE's or 12 CE's

One day class will cover theory, anatomy and foot reflexology.  6 CE's. $125 


Avoiding Burnout

As an empathetic healer, you are more prone to burnout than most professions.  Learn how to look for

signs and prevent burnout.  Outwork your 2-3 year projected burnout rate by taking a few key steps

in organizing your business, setting good boundaries and taking excellent care of yourself! 

4 CE's. $25                         

Chair Massage

Learn how to adapt your massage practice to a portable chair massage!  Onsite massage is offered at

business offices, airports, even malls!  Take your skills to another level with this great CE. 

2.5 CE's. $50              



Pregnancy Massage

From the 12th week of Pregnancy, women should be side lying or sitting up.  Learn how to safely

massage during all trimesters of pregnancy, contraindications and what aromatherapy to avoid.

6 CE's   $100


Massage Tools

Learn how to save your hands and body by using massage tools.  We will explore safe body mechanics

and how to properly clean and sanitize your tools.  

2.5 CE's $25          

Spa Massage

Want to increase your client rebooking and gain new clients? Of course you do!  Learn how to adapt the massage space you currently have into a Spa retreat with a few simple additions.  Learn Spa Hydrotherapy, how to emulate Spa language and tricks the pros use to make clients feel refreshed and relaxed.  We provide all the items you need.  You will go home with a list of things to add to your space to create the Spa experience!

4 CE's $50



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This list may change without notice.  Please check back for new classes added.

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